Presentation Poster Templates

Here you can find research poster templates that can be edited to make your own poster presentations. Free poster presentation templates are available for PowerPoint (.pptx), Google Slides, and OpenOffice for PC and Mac. Templates are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

48×36 Research Poster Presentation Template


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42×42 Research Poster Presentation Template


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40×28 Research Poster Presentation Template

Free Poster PowerPoint Template 40x28 inches

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55×28.5 Research Poster Presentation Template

Research Poster for PowerPoint and Google Slids

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PowerPoint does not allow a filet to use dimensions greater than 56″ so if you need a very large poster size, can use a scaled template. For instance, for a 94×94 poster size dimension, use the 42×42 poster and scale it 200%.

How to use the poster templates?

If you are using Microsoft PowerPoint, download the .pptx version and open it in PowerPoint. It is compatible with Mac and PC (Windows).

If you are using Google Slides to design your poster presentation, click View on Google Slides and then go to File -> Make a Copy to create your own copy of the presentation. Starting from this point you’d be able to edit the poster and add your own data, images and content.

Can I edit the poster presentations?

Yes. Poster templates can be edited to fit your presentation needs. Remember to save your changes. You can edit the presentation by adding your own content, data charts and images. It is possible to replace the top left logo by any logo image you want or remove it completely if it is not required. You can also remove the footer with our logo, notes and comments.

Poster designs are fully customizable and can be edited to change colors with a few clicks. The poster presentation format follow most standard US and international poster sizes and supports different versions of PowerPoint. Only basic PowerPoint skills are required. The poster templates can be used for research posters, in any scientific poster designs or as a conference posters.

You can also download an ODP poster version for LibreOffice and OpenOffice clicking here or other free presentation templates.

If you need any particular dimension that is not listed here, please kindly contact us recommending the new size.

Customizing Your Poster Presentations

Our poster templates offer you a wide range of customization options. You can easily modify the content, include data charts and images, or replace the top-left logo with your brand’s identity. The footer, which contains our logo, notes, and comments, is also editable. Feel free to remove it if it doesn’t serve your presentation needs.

With just a few clicks, you can also adjust color schemes to match your brand or presentation theme. Our poster templates conform to most standard US and international poster sizes and are compatible with various PowerPoint versions. Only basic PowerPoint skills are required.

Use Cases & Applications: How can you use the Poster Presentations?

Our poster templates cater to a wide range of poster presentations. From scientific research posters to conference posters, the sky is the limit.

Use Cases in Business

  • Project Showcase: Poster presentations are an efficient way to share details about new projects or initiatives within your company. They can succinctly highlight objectives, milestones, and outcomes. You can download a project poster presentation template from this website.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Poster presentations are also invaluable tools for marketing, displaying product information, promotional offers, or upcoming events in a visually appealing format. An A3 poster template for PowerPoint and Google Slides can help to accomplish it.
  • Employee Training: They can be used to facilitate employee training, demonstrating workflows, protocols, or safety procedures in a user-friendly manner.

Use Cases in Academia

  • Research Findings: Posters are commonly used to share research findings at academic conferences. They can effectively showcase methodologies, data, and conclusions. A creative research poster template is useful for this purpose.
  • Educational Material: In a classroom setting, poster presentations can be used to simplify complex topics, visually represent theories, or exhibit historical timelines.