Free Marketing PowerPoint Template

Free Marketing PowerPoint template is a presentation design for agencies

Free Marketing PowerPoint template is a presentation design for marketing agencies that can help make marketing strategy plans in PowerPoint.

The free marketing template contains multiple slides and a visually compelling design suitable for any modern marketing agency that needs to present its services to clients or marketing plans. Create a successful marketing presentation in PowerPoint or Google Slides with this PPT template. The marketing template design consists of multiple slides with vivid colors covering the following areas:

  • A cover slide design with a business photo placeholder
  • About Us slide design
  • Our services slide
  • What we offer slide
  • Growth YoY (year-over-year) slide with infographic chart
  • Market size slide showing TAM SAM SOM diagram
  • Table graph in PowerPoint
  • Market Maturity slide with infographic
  • Get in Contact slide
  • Thank you slide

The template contains many slides that are inherited from other popular presentations like the pitch deck templates. For example, the TAM SAM SOM diagram slide in the Market Size slide can help to easily show the market size and the Total Addressable Market size of a product, service or business to an audience.

The presentation template for marketing can be used by digital marketing agencies and online marketing specialists, solo entrepreneurs in the field of marketing, or digital marketing freelancers who need to prepare presentations for their clients. You can download this free marketing PowerPoint template (PPT) and customize it with your content.

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