MagPointer is an awesome must-have tool for PowerPoint presenters that helps you to keep your audience focused and make it easier to follow you during the presentation. With the MagPointer PowerPoint add-on you can enlarge, focus, zoom or highlight specific elements or areas of your slides, on-the-fly and without any preparations in advance. MagPointer will relieve you altogether from the need to prepare slideshow animation in advance, saving you precious time and making your presentations more interactive. MagPointer is ideal for online presentations, conferences, virtual classrooms and webinars as well as for face-to-face presentations and lectures.

Even if you can download MagPointer free trial, you will need to purchase the paid version after 30 days. Here you can purchase a license for MagPointer (Windows).

What you can do with MagPointer

  • Highlight important areas in your presentation
  • Enlarge specific slide objects
  • Use it as a laser pointer
  • Navigation through slide elements

Unfortunately, MagPointer was retired from the market and it is no any longer available to purchase. If you have questions or you are looking for alternatives, contact us for more information about this decision.