Free Gradient Blue PowerPoint Template

Professional template for PowerPoint featuring a gradient Blue PowerPoint background. This is one of the most impressed templates for PowerPoint that we can find at Free PowerPoint Templates. Of course this is also a free template that you can download and use in your Microsoft PowerPoint. The template is compatible with Office 2003 and 2007, and you can open and customize it with your own content and photos. This is ideal for business presentations as well as professional PowerPoint templates that require a modern and special touch. The professional PPT template has a blue background color with gradient on black. The pro template is really good to impress your audience.

Download Gradient Blue PowerPoint Template available in .pptx format. This is a simplistic, yet futuristic design which promotes a positive attitude. The outer corners may be dark, but the lower right has a bright theme coming through, much like a source of florescence. Find other positive themed backgrounds, such as free Start slide design and Lifebuoy PPT theme.


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  1. i need to use powerpoint because i really need it for school and if i don’t have a oral than im out

  2. Hi my name is afiafi,

    Im in grade 6 and i go to camira state school. Next Friday or Thursday my Sose assesment is due and The topic is about the stolen generations. Next week i have to present what i found out about the stolen generations but the thing is i dont know how to present my work. Most of my classmates are doing powerpoints and are just saying it, but i wanted to try something new and i hopped on to this website and i saw alot of presentation titles but please tell me if you have alot of different designs thanks 4 giving me some ideas,
    Yours Sincerely,

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