Free Spectrum PowerPoint Template

An educational background design with image of spectrum for PowerPoint presentations

Free Spectrum PowerPoint Template is an abstract design with colorful stripes. The seven colors of light are split up into a line that is giving an attractive look for the audience. The template design is good for the educational PPT topic to describe the splitting of seven colors from white light. The PPT presentations crafted to define spectrum, color bands, a combination of base colors can use this template in the slides, or PPT background themes.

The PPT template is also fit for physics experiments, the study of light, and the relevant properties of light. You can download the design for background themes, color pyramid, and teaching slide designs. The expression of light colors in different bands is an awesome combination for satiating the concept of light.

The passing of light from the prism, water drop, or dewdrops and splitting into seven basic colors can be expressed with this template design. The template design is free of cost to download and utilize as desired. The editing of the template is possible with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Slides Preview

Download Free Spectrum PowerPoint Template for free!