Free Gautama Buddha PowerPoint Template

A free presentation template design with a Gautama Buddha background

Free Gautama Buddha PowerPoint Template is a presentation design showing the spiritual leader and religious guide for the people of old India. The personality of Gautama Buddha was a combination of a philosopher, a meditator, and a mendicant. He was popular among the people for his philosophy and tender thoughts for the betterment of humanity that led him to the height of fame.

The free Buddha template design has an image of Gautama Buddha as a statue that is suitable for religious PPT presentations or followers of Buddhism that can be taken on a platform to relate the teachings of their leader. The illustration is free of cost and easy to adjust for the desired setting in your PPT presentation.

The presentations formulated for the historical development of Gautama Buddha and his thoughts can also have this design in its slides or background theme. You can also find other free presentation template designs on this website relevant to famous personalities of history.

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