Free Design Thinking Presentation Template

A free design thinking and ideation presentation template for PowerPoint

The Free Design Thinking PowerPoint template is an excellent tool for making presentations with with a focus on innovation, ideation, and problem-solving strategies. It showcases the human-centered approach to solving complex problems.

This presentation template can aid the presenter in making design thinking presentations in PowerPoint and Google Slides. As a design thinking pro, you can prepare presentations using this PPT template and include some of the following slide ideas.

  1. Cover Slide: This slide features a high-resolution photograph of a person meticulously arranging sticky notes on her workspace. It embodies the concept of planning, organizing, and visually representing ideas. The image serves to both engage the audience and highlight the theme of design thinking. The slide’s layout allows space for you to add a bold title and an introductory text or subtitle, thus providing the perfect kickoff to your presentation.
  2. Agenda Slide: This slide offers a brief layout for an overview of your presentation’s content, enabling you to summarize the main points or sections that will be discussed. This serves as an excellent roadmap for your audience to follow.
  3. Introduction to Design Thinking Slide: This slide is dedicated to explaining the principles of design thinking, giving your audience an understanding of this innovation-led approach.
  4. The Design Thinking Process Slide: Here you can explain the stages of design thinking, such as empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping, and testing. These stages can be represented graphically to increase understanding and retention.
  5. Case Study Slide: This slide allows you to present a real-world example or case study to showcase the practical implementation of design thinking.
  6. Team or Personal Introduction Slide: Use this slide to introduce your team or yourself, providing credibility and a personal touch to your presentation.
  7. Conclusion and Q&A Slide: The final slide wraps up your presentation and provides an opportunity for your audience to ask questions or for you to provide further contact information.

The design thinking template follows a consistent color scheme and typography, making the presentation visually appealing and easy to follow. The template combines dark and yellow colors, the yellow color can depict the idea of yellow sticky notes in the presentation slide. The design aesthetics are clean and professional, emphasizing a focus on content while subtly communicating the creative and organized spirit of design thinking.

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