Free Agglomeration PowerPoint Template

A COVID-19 virus related background theme for PowerPoint presentations

Free Agglomeration PowerPoint Template is a presentation template that can be used to prepare presentations on the risks of agglomerations and crowds in a pandemic situation. This template can be used for talks on awareness and prevention tips against Coronavirus.

The Stay Home has become an internationally recognized slogan and advice for keeping safe from infectious disease. The gathering of people is hazardous for transferring the disease from person to person. The second wave of coronavirus may affect most people in the world. The invisible virus has built a depressive situation around the world and limited ways to keep safe from it. This template and relevant slide design has features of expression of how the virus spread throughout the nations, and staying home is the best way of keeping family safe.

The template design would be helpful for the title slide and background theme for  PowerPoint discussions on the modes of spreading the disease, stay home, safety measures, use of sanitizers, and other safeties from infection of coronavirus. The green-colored heads of the infected persons are a model shown in water is a symbolic representation.

You can download this editable, free template for PowerPoint and customize it according to the need of a presentation.
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Download Free Agglomeration PowerPoint Template for free!