Free Critical To Quality Template for PowerPoint

The CTQ Critical To Quality PowerPoint template is a presentation template that provides a CTQ tree in the presentation slide. It can be used to translate broad customer needs into specific requirements and then create a presentation outlining your product’s or service’s critical aspects.

The CTQ tree diagram is used to help identify and track the critical aspects of a product or service. The diagram includes a tree structure that outlines the need, the drivers, and the requirements to meet these drivers and needs. This can help you customize your presentation to fit your own needs.

The CTQ template for PowerPoint and Google Slides includes an editable CTQ tree. There are three steps to creating a CTQ tree:

  1. Define the product or service that you want to improve.
  2. Identify the critical factors that affect quality.
  3. Draw a tree diagram showing how the factors are related.

To save time you can use this pre-made CTQ tree template that already have a pre-defined CTQ tree diagram for PowerPoint. You can also customize the CTQ template to fit your needs by editing the text, colors, and fonts. Alternatively, you can download other free presentation templates.

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