Free Convert Powerpoint to Flash

Given the impressed growth of Internet, online tools, collaboration tools and mobile media, in may be desired to convert Powerpoint to Flash in order to exploit the better of each media.

For example, if we would like to use our powerpoint presentation for an online presentation, nowadays there are many online useful tools that allows us to run these presentations in a webpage or a collaboration tool between the business team or potential client. Moreover, nowadays online presentations allows people to achieve a worldwide market easily.

Benefits converting to flash

Some benefits by using Flash instead of Powerpoint can be described as follows:

  • Accessibility
  • Distribution
  • Compatibility
  • Video and Sound integration
  • Mobility
  • Online Streaming
  • File Size & bandwidth

How to convert Powerpoint to Flash

Convert Powerpoint to Flash with OpenOffice

Using OpenOffice, you can convert Powerpoint files in Flash movies.

  1. Open OpenOffice Impress
  2. File -> Open and then open the PowerPoint Presentation file
  3. Click File -> Export
  4. Choose SWF format (Macromedia Flash)
  5. Click OK

Convert Powerpoint to Flash using Adobe Flash

You can convert PPT to Flash manually by using Adobe Flash.

  • Save Powerpoint slide into WMF format (Windows Metafile)
  • Click on Every Slide button in the popup dialog
  • Go to Adobe Flash and choose Import WMF files into Flash
  • Export the FLA file to a SWF movie

Convert Powerpoint to Flash online using an Zamzar

Zamzar is an online web application that allows to upload files and convert them online. You do not need to download any tool, you can convert the files online and then get the converted result.

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