Widescreen Technology PowerPoint 2013 Template With Circuit Board Background

The Widescreen Technology PowerPoint 2013 Template with Circuit Board Background is one of the many business presentation templates you can find on this site and on the Microsoft portal. The Widescreen Technology Template is a business presentation template that comes complete with different slides that you can use to present all sorts of business data.


Parts And Features

The PowerPoint 2013 template comes with a title slide with a magnified view of a gray and black circuit board in the background. What is remarkable about this template is the title side stands out from the rest of the slide so it grabs the attention and interest of your audience. There is a wide black band that overlays the image to focus the attention on the title. The text also sharply contrasts with the background so the audience can easily read the presentation as well.

This presentation template comes with a variety of preset slide templates that has placeholders so all you have to do is click a particular placeholder to insert a picture, table, chart, SmartArt graphic, list or text. As this Free PowerPoint Template is in the widescreen, 16×9 format, it is ideal for making presentations that can be played on widescreen monitors.


Suitable For Technology And Other Subjects

Since the theme of this presentation template features a circuit board, it is suitable for presentation subjects such as computers, electronics, technology, communication, hardware, circuitry, and many more. As this template is fully customizable, you can easily change the layout, font faces and other aspects of the template slides.


You can download this Widescreen Technology PowerPoint 2013 Template with Circuit Board Background for free at Office.com.

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