Christmas Templates

Snowflakes Christmas PowerPoint Template


As the holiday season draws near, you would need a PowerPoint presentation template that conveys the spirit of the season. This template is something that can be used for different purposes in the Christmas and holiday season, so you would not have to create one from scratch, especially when you are busy with your own …

Animated Ornaments PowerPoint Template

Ornaments are symbolic for different festivals and events like Christmas and the New Year. The Animated Ornament Swirls PowerPoint Template is a festival themed template with slides depicting generic ornament decorations that you can customize according to various presentation topics.

Best Animated Christmas Tree Graphics For PowerPoint Presentations

The default clipart in MS Office is often not very visually appealing and using it in professional presentations might not help you win the hearts and minds of your audience. On the contrary, there are various online sources which provide much better clipart and animations, with the option to customize them. If you are looking …

Animated PowerPoint Templates For Christmas Season

Whether you are a student, business professional or a parent looking to lighten up the mood by using your storytelling skills, the chances are you might require using PowerPoint for making presentations near the Christmas season.

Animated Christmas PowerPoint Templates

Once more Christmas is upon us and it’s time to spread the holiday cheer. Last year we brought you a list of some amazing Static and Animated Christmas PowerPoint Templates to make presentations for official events, personal gatherings and to conduct fun game sessions with your friends and family members. This year we have another …

How To Create Holiday Photo Cards in PowerPoint

Beautifully Designed Snow Themed Holiday Photo Card Template

Winter brings in not only snow but the promise of warm holidays with family and friends. You can share that warmth with winter-themed parties, greeting cards and holiday event posters by using many of our holiday templates.

Christmas Cards Maker Template For PowerPoint Online

Modern and Sleek Colorful Holiday Design

The Christmas season is drawing near and many people, including you, will be busy with Christmas shopping and preparations. After all, Christmas is about giving and being together with family, friends and loved ones. You may also want to spread the yuletide cheer through greeting cards.

Recipe Cards Maker Templates For Word 2013

Lined Recipe Cards Template for Christmas Season

Dishes made from family recipes are not only centerpieces in every family dinner; they are also topics of fond conversations and reminisced memories. If you are one of those foodies, chefs, or food enthusiasts who hold on to your family recipes like priceless treasures, then you understand how important it is to store these recipes …

Holiday Shopping Budget Planner Template For Excel

Find the Right Gift for Your Friends and Family

Planning for the Holidays can be nerve-wracking. Such as important occasions, where family members and friends take the time off to be together is special and important for kids and adults alike. Aside from commemorating Christmas, it is also a time for people to celebrate love, family, togetherness, and the spirit of gift-giving.

Best Static And Animated Christmas PowerPoint Templates

It’s dawn of the most wonderful time of the year, with festivities at their peak. There are many fun ways by which you can make your Christmas day special, such as by making PowerPoint Storyboards for young ones or by running a Christmas slideshow at your Christmas party. In the spirit of the Christmas season …