SmartDraw 2013 Released With Cloud Sharing Feature Called SmartShare

SmarDraw is a famous application for creating diagrams, mind maps, presentations and other types of elaborate charts (e.g. flow charts and floor plans), using readymade templates. With the arrival of the new year, SmartDraw has launched its latest version with a cloud sharing feature, known as SmartDraw 2013. To find out more about the basic features of this application you can read our review of SmartDraw. In this post we will explore the SmartShare feature of SmartDraw, which allows users to automatically backup SmartDraw files, which can be accessed from anywhere using your SmartDraw account. Furthermore, you can also share files with anyone and get enterprise-level control of your account. You can even save your SmartDraw 2013 files on SmartShare using attachments from various formats such as PDF, MS PowerPoint and MS Word files.

The SmartShare feature of SmartDraw also comes with file versioning and online collaboration features. With SmartShare you can create teams, assign tasks and collaborate with co-workers. You can also use the iOS app for SmartShare to share and access files via the cloud using an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device.

SmartShare the New Cloud Service from SmartDraw

To use SmartShare you will require logging into your SmartDraw account. This can be done by clicking “Update” from the Home tab of the SmartDraw application.


After you have logged in to your account, you can instantly share your current SmartDraw file by hitting Update again.

Share Files

The Share button in the Home tab opens the sharing page of SmartShare in your default browser, from here you can get a sharing URL, set viewing options for other users (e.g. Edit or View Only), get an embed code to add the document to a blog or share your file via social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Sharing Page

Any notes, links or attachments that are added to your diagram are also shared when you share a SmartDraw file. This can help you add important footnotes, links to reference websites and attach files for other users.

Add notes, links or attachments

The iOS version of SmartShare provides all major features that are available from your SmartShareaccount. For example, you can share your files with your team or publicly with anyone. You can also authorize users to view files and interact with your SmartDraw 2013 content.

SmartShare for iOS

Smartdraw is currently offering a $100 discount for people who may buy the Standard, Business or Enterprise version before January 6th, 2013. You can find out more about SmartDraw 2013 from the developer’s website.

Go to Download SmartDraw 2013 With SmartShare

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