Quotes for PowerPoint presentations

Sometimes we need to add quotes in our slides, the message to send to the audience can be enhanced with a nice quote and metaphors. Here we will see how we can take advantage of free resources online to find our next quote.

Sometimes when we need to find quotes for presentations, the usage of synonyms can be very helpful because we need to use keywords to locate the best quote for our slides. Google may help us to find synonyms as well. You can use the operator ~keyword while searching in Google. For example if we need a quote about business we can use ~business to search in Google and will find some related results including Companies, Business, Businesses, and more.

quotes powerpoint

You can also try to use the plural form, for example if you need to locate quotes including business, you can try to use businesses instead, or viceversa.

Inspirational quotes can be very useful as well, you can use them in your slides or just get inspiration to mention these quotes during the presentations. You will be like a hero if you can remember the exact quote and also cite the author. Your audience would think you are an intellectual presenter.

Quotes can be organized based on interests or topics, for example you can try to locate PowerPoint quotes for motivation, design, success, education, and more.

Quotes in other languages

If you need quotes in other languages, for example need quotes in Spanish for your presentations then you are not alone. There are websites in Spanish or English that offer translation services, or you can find quotes in other languages. For example, in Wikiquote Español you can select the Spanish language and then access the full database of Spanish quotes.