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Infographics are a great way to present a huge amount of information without getting your audience bored. With infographics, you can tell the history, enumerate major features, describe events in a timeline, show statistics, and even create a mash-up of various types data about a central topic. However, the only problem is, infographics can be hard to create for most people who do not have adequate graphic design knowledge.


With PowerPoint Online Templates, anyone can easily create infographics for practically any topic. Using the Process Infographic Template for PowerPoint Online, you can create professional-looking infographics that show how a process happens and describe its every step along the way.

Easy Infographics Online

This Process Infographic Template for PowerPoint Online allows you to create an infographic to include in your widescreen-format presentation, or as a standalone print-out or document.

This template features the Retrospect theme, which is characterized by its clear, simple lines, warm color scheme, and overall minimalist look. The template contains two sample slides: the Four-Step Process Infographic and the Five-Step Process Infographic.


Modern and Minimalist Look

The template contains two sample slides: the Four-Step Process Infographic and the Five-Step Process Infographic. Both have a solid white background broken by a terracotta-colored border running along the bottom of the slide. This is even accented by a thin, lighter orange line. The steps, meanwhile, are separated by orange lines, with each space being marked by a number. The numbers follow the same warm tones in different colors while the font style remains clear and dark.

In each slide, you can write your own infographic title, as well as a description statement. Each of the steps in the process will have a label and a description. There is also enough space under each step for a photo to add more visual interest.


This template has a range of variants to choose from the Design tab in the Ribbon. There is green, blue, and red on a white background and another set of four various color schemes on a black background. This will allow you to further customize your infographic to suit your taste or brand identity.

This template is available in PowerPoint Online. You can access and modify it anytime, using your PC or any mobile device.

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