Process Infographic Template For PowerPoint Online

These days, a growing trend is the use of graphics and designs in presentations that make them look like infographics. This is because text-heavy slides are out of date and pretty much impractical when you’re considering your audience’s attention span. They want a presentation that will give them what they need to know clearly and quickly.

TheĀ Process Infographic Template for PowerPoint Online is the perfect template for most modern presentations. This template has a very clean, crisp, minimalist look that will go well with any presentation theme or topic. It can also be used for office, school, or personal presentations because of its versatility and easy customization options.

Four step infographic

This template has a crisp, white background that makes your content stand out. It has a title, a description, and the four-step infographic marked by numbers of different colors and separated by thin lines. Here, you can type the steps of the process to make your presentation concise.

Infographic template with five step design

And if your presentation is about something that takes five steps, there’s also another slideĀ for that. You can just follow the guides that serve as text placeholders on the template. This way, you don’t need to adjust, move, or resize anything, making it quick and easy to create presentations.

This template can easily be inserted into any presentation. And if you think white is too drab or plain, or you want it to match your existing presentation’s theme, then just copy the background of your own presentation or edit the background in the template.


As for the text, you can also customize the font styles, size and colors so it matches your preferences. Just highlight the text that you want to customize and choose the font or style that you want. You can also go to the Quick Styles to see the many font options that you can use.

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