OfficeOne Shape Locker for PowerPoint

OfficeOne Shape Locker for PowerPoint is an add-in that lets you lock PowerPoint shapes while editing a PowerPoint presentation. This can be very practical for example to prevent you accidentally end up changing the shape of an object within a PowerPoint presentation or when a video, placeholder or text-box in a slide is moved to an incorrect place.

OfficeOne Shape Locker allows locking shapes, placeholders, pictures, videos, and text boxes in slides. Locking such objects can allow you to focus on the adjacent elements in a presentation and help avoid ruining the look of you slides.

Lock PowerPoint Objects

OfficeOne Shape Locker Add-In

OfficeOne Shape Locker extends PowerPoint to allow you to lock shapes, pictures, videos, smart art, charts, placeholders and text boxes on slides, master slides and layouts

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By using this plugin for PowerPoint you can lock objects within the slide and configure to lock based on attributes like position, size, group of shapes, rotation, selection, shape type, arrowheads, adjust handles, and text editing.

As soon as you install OfficeOne Shape Locker a new button is available in the menu. Learn more how to use OfficeOne Shape Locker to lock shapes in PowerPoint.

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