Interactive 2021 Calendar PowerPoint Template

Last updated on November 29th, 2020

Calendar templates can be useful for making annual plans in PowerPoint. Such a template can be used for making forecasts to depict plans related to the upcoming quarters and for giving the workforce a steady plan to follow for the coming year. The Interactive 2021 Calendar PowerPoint Template is a template with interactive monthly slides for annual plans, forecasts and schedules using interactive slide layouts.

You will find all the 12 months of the year listed on the title slide. To switch to a specific month, simply click on a month’s name. This will enable you to go to the slide for the month selected. To switch back to the main slide for selecting another month, click the Home icon. The interactive buttons in the template enable users to switch between months from the title slide, switch back to the main slide and view updates.

Interactive 2021 calendar PowerPoint template

The slide below shows the month of February in this calendar template. The sample clipart in the calendar slides can be replaced and removed according to user needs. This can enable you to create customized slides to show important updates using icons and images, as well as add company branding.

Animated interactive calendar PowerPoint template

You can click the Update button to switch to a slide with updates for the specific month. This slide can be edited by adding anything from text to images, charts, comparisons, etc.

February update for PowerPoint

The slides are quite easy to edit, with interactive buttons located in the form of a Calendar button on the top left of the calendar slides, a Home button at the bottom, with Arrows for moving forward or backward.

September calendar in PowerPoint

You can go through the instructions within slides to learn how to manage the interactive slides according to your requirements. Many of the objects within slides are editable upon selection or via drag and drop.

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