How To Use The Format Painter Tool in PowerPoint 2013

Many presentations, research papers and official documents nowadays require some sort of content that is copied from numerous sources, e.g. as a reference. It can be a nuisance to get the formatting right for copied text. An easy solution to keep all your content uniform is to use the Format Painter.

Using The Format Painter in PowerPoint 2013

To demonstrate the content formatting process we will be using the Free Holiday Sales PowerPoint Template. At the end of this tutorial you will be able to use the Format Painter to change the formatting of one or multiple lines of text in PowerPoint to a desired format.

Ho to use the format painter in PowerPoint 2013

Copy Text or Object With The Formatting That You Want To Apply

To use the format painter you will first require selecting the text that has the formatting you want to apply to another word, phrase or paragraph. In this tutorial we will use the Format Painter to give the subtitle text the same formatting as the main title.

Select text to format

Select The Format Painter

Once the required text is selected, go to the Home tab and select Format Painter. Usually, when you highlight text you should also be able to see the format painter in a small menu that pops-up, you can also use the format painter from there.

Select Format Painter

Apply The Formatting

To apply the formatting select the text you want t change (as shown below). A Format Painter icon will become available for applying the formatting. To apply the formatting to multiple elements, double-click Format Painter.

Apply formatting to text

Text Formatted Using Format Painter

The below image shows the subtitle text formatted as the title text. As you can see, the Format Painter picks everything from the font type, color to font size to reproduce the same formatting for the content that you modify.

Note: The Format Painter works the same way for other Office applications like MS Word and Excel. You can copy and apply formats for cells, shapes, text, digits, etc.

Text formatted using Format Painter

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