Cool Animated PowerPoint Templates

You can get cool animated PowerPoint templates from a number of sources. There are a number of websites which provide animated templates for PowerPoint and Keynote, as well as tools that can be used for generating your own cool presentation designs. Below is a list of some of the best places to get Cool Animated PowerPoint Templates.


LaughingBird is a website where you can find tons of animation related tools for creating your own artwork. In addition, the website also offers a set of premium PowerPoint templates. These templates come with animated slides that you can edit to create your very own awesome presentations. LaughingBird also has a set of design software like Creator 7, which can be great for making  content for your PowerPoint slides.

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Laughing Bird Cool Animated PowerPoint Templates


Envato is a marketplace for buying presentation templates, website templates, vectors, fonts, icons, stock videos, audio clips, etc. Envato has a wide range of cool animated PowerPoint templates which come with a wide range of color variations and layouts. You can buy these templates as toolkits for your presentations to create animated slides with ease.

Since the templates at Envato come with hundreds of slides, one template alone can help you create several presentations on a diverse range of topics. It’s like buying a lifetime supply of slide designs.

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Presenter Media

This is a great website for downloading cool animated PowerPoint templates, clipart, and videos. The website has a subscription based model which gives you access to an infinite archive of animated content. There are not only animated templates that you can download at Presenter Media but also customizable video animations and clipart which can be edited right from the download page before in a custom resolution.

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PresenterMedia Cool Animated Templates


Another website for high-quality premium templates, SlideModel is a great website for downloading PowerPoint templates, including animated ones. You can edit the given templates by resizing, recolouring and replacing slide objects to customize your slides.

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SlideModel Cool Animated powerPoint Template

With the sources mentioned above you can download a variety of cool PowerPoint templates and use the templates as toolkits to design slides for multiple presentations by making minor adjustments to the given templates. The templates available at the websites mentioned above are meant to make it easy for presenters to make cool animated slides without spending hours on their presentations.

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