Best 2021 New Year Clipart for PowerPoint

If you’re busy making presentations around the new year, you would need clipart that can help add a 2021 touch to your slides. Spelling out the new year in your slides made around December and January not only helps get a holiday season feel but is sometimes necessary to emphasize targets and forecasts for the coming year. We have created a list of the best 2021 new year clipart for PowerPoint for presentations related to business as usual in 2021.

2021 Blocks Clipart

This is a clean looking clipart for 2021 that depicts blocks spelling out the year. You can incorporate this clipart in your presentations as an emphasis for 2021 and add supporting text to design your slides. This is a custom text clipart, so you can also change the year from the product page before downloading the clipart.

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2021 blocks clipart for PowerPoint

Colored Custom Year Clipart

This is a clipart which can be downloaded after selecting the year by adding custom text and picking a desired color for it. This can help you represent different years by downloading different versions of the clipart with custom year text and colors.

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Best 2021 new year clipart for PowerPoint

Year Crushes Year Clipart for Year 2021

This clipart shows on year crushing another to take over. Year 2020 being crushed represents 2021 taking over. This symbolic clipart can help represent the new and the end of the old, with your custom message related to forecasts, trends and targets for the coming year.

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2021 crushes year 2020 clipart

2021 Celebration Clipart

This is a clipart that can help put people in a festive mood. It depicts figures holding 2021 in a celebratory fashion. You can use this clipart image to add some holiday cheer to lighten up your slide decks.

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figures Holding the year 2021 clipart

2021 Clock Clipart

As the clock strikes 12 on December 31st, we enter 2021. This 2021 clipart depicts a clock spelling out the new year, with the clock almost striking 12.

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2021 Clock clipart

Elegant 2021 Clock Clipart

This is an elegantly designed clipart which shows 2021 in the form of a golden clock with roman numbers. You can also add custom text to change the year for the same clipart from the developer’s page.

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Elegant 2021 clock clipart

The 2021 clipart mentioned above comes with various customization options that can be found on the download page. To download a range of static and animated clipart for year 2021, see the link below.

Go to Presenter Media – Best 2021 New Year Clipart for PowerPoint

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