5 Tips for Designing Presentation That Don’t Suck

Whether you are a student, business professional, teacher, corporate executive or even a lawyer, PowerPoint is a tool that comes into frequent use.

5 Tips for Designing Presentation That Don't Suck

As soon as you open a PowerPoint, one of the most widely used visual tool, you become a designer. Your audience will subconsciously start judging your designing skills by looking at the slides being presented by you.

Go through the coming section to gather some information which would definitely help in designing an awe-inspiring presentation.

1. Avoid using default PowerPoint themes

People are in a habit of selecting one of the default themes that already exist in PowerPoint. These may add monotony to your work. Above all viewers may not be impressed by the level of efforts. You can always go for websites like FPPT.com offering free templates for varying presentations.

2. Create a Captivating Cover

Although, cover slide is shown for least time span, still it is amongst one of the most important slides as it includes the topic of your presentation. So, if you want to grab audience attention, creating a captivating cover is important. It will also add a touch of professionalism into your work.

3. Avoid using excessive Bullet Points

Bullets are amongst some of the magical ways to depict key ideas. Sometimes, presenters use bullet points in excess. Say for instance, a presenter used twenty points in a single phrase. There are chances that these points may contain some repetitive ideas which can make your presentation dull.

Hence, it is suggested to avoid bullets as far as possible while designing a presentation.

4. Add Quality Pictures and High Quality Graphics for PowerPoint

Pictures have capability to add glamor into your presentation. Excess of pictures can hamper your presentation. Further, blurred pictures can distract attention of listeners as they might try guessing things that are not clearly visible. Remember, absence of picture is better than having a distracting one. StockXCHNG and Flicker Search are some of the good sources to find quality images that can be included in your presentation.

5. Try to keep it simple

People get bored while listening to a simple presentation. Therefore, you can add some funny instances or interesting facts related to the topic of presentation. Less is more! Font style plays an important role. People do not focus on professional fonts like Times New Roman. Rather they go for stylish ones which is a large blunder as such fonts can divert listeners focus.

At the end, it is suggested that you check the readability, color pattern and font style of your presentation. Try to include these easily implementable techniques into your presentation and make them more appealing and less objectionable.