Free How to add a Flash movie into PowerPoint

To Add a Flash movie into PowerPoint, follow these simple steps. This step by step article describes how to add a Macromedia Shockwave Flash content to a slide to play a Flash file during a slide show. The Flash file plays automatically without any user interaction and useful for free flash powerpoint templates.

  1. Open your presentation.
  2. Open the ActiveX Control Toolbar by Select View > Toolbars > Control Toolbox.
  3. Click the “Other controls” icon.
  4. A scrolling menu will now appear. Scroll down and choose “Shockwave Flash Object”.
  5. After selecting “Shockwave Flash Object”, your cursor will change to a crosshair.
  6. Move the crosshair over the slide. Click and drag to define the area the Flash movie will play in.
  7. The Flash movie can start as much of the screen as you want.
  8. Right click the box and choose “Properties”.
  9. Click on Custom” and then click on the (…) button.
  10. It will open ‚ÄúProperty Pages”. Enter the path or URL of the .SWF file that you want to use.
  11. Click OK in the “Property Pages” window, then save your presentation.
  12. Run the presentation in Presentation view.

After you follow these steps you can enjoy your Flash content inside a PowerPoint presentation. This easy method allows you to add Flash content to a slide in PowerPoint. Next time you want to review to this article you can just refer to Flash PowerPoint.

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