Rainbow Colors PowerPoint Template


This is Rainbow Color free PowerPoint template useful for inspirational, funny designs, cool presentations, testing powerpoint, etc. Perfect for rainbow themed and colorful PowerPoint presentations or to be used as colorful PowerPoint backgrounds. Slides with vibrant colors like these PowerPoint templates can be useful for business presentations in PowerPoint, education, medicine, legal use, design, projects, fun, visuals, scrapbooks, school and teaching projects, portfolios, etc. Orange is the color of rich fruit, flowers and the sun, yellow is the happiness color of the sun and brilliant flowers is, blue is the life color of clear sky and water that covers the earth, green is the color of nature, of trees, fields and woods, red is the color of romance and passion, violet is the color of night and song. You can download more free rainbow PowerPoint Templates from here or alternatively download animated PowerPoint templates.

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  1. Kristine Kayla Mharis Aviles
    10:26 pm on

    this would be a great help! thank you! :))))

  2. meliza lorena quispe gutarra
    2:01 pm on

    gracias por fondo me gustas

  3. foola
    7:03 pm on

    thank U 4 templeate

  4. n_kariman
    12:59 pm on

    these all are fantastic!!!

  5. uerng
    8:10 am on

    so cool

  6. maya freyska
    5:18 am on

    I use this power point for presentation in my school..

  7. pol
    9:08 am on

    for teaching puposes

  8. Aishwarya
    12:42 pm on

    Hmmm..!! To tell Its very good and simple 🙂 😀 Liked it 🙂 😉

  9. miguel
    12:25 am on

    muy buena plantilla

  10. kenz
    7:41 am on

    why i cant see animations?

    pls reply asap

  11. alina
    12:34 pm on

    nice work!! 🙂

  12. Paula
    6:52 pm on

    presentación de un proyecto de un curso de maestría

  13. vahid
    4:53 pm on

    your templates are very good
    i used those in my presentations.
    thank you

  14. Nataly
    4:22 pm on

    muy lindoo

  15. sadaf
    6:58 pm on

    thanks alot you are fantastic oh actually I use them for my school.

  16. tjipto
    9:01 pm on

    Thanx bossss

  17. amola
    12:27 pm on

    i will use this for tomorrow morning in the class really thank you

  18. shyama
    8:14 am on

    gud. thanQ

  19. Anlet
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  20. YANNIZ
    2:19 am on

    Por que me exigen cosas diferentes en el nivel de estudio.

  21. Thais
    2:32 pm on

    Me encantan sus presentaciones, soy enfermera y me ayudan en los temas principales .Gracias

  22. evelyn
    1:08 pm on

    for my presentation

  23. evelyn
    1:13 pm on

    for my child’s presentation

  24. claudia patricia zuluaga loaiza
    12:26 am on

    para explicaciones de una clase

  25. claudia patricia zuluaga loaiza
    12:36 am on

    para explicar clases

  26. nancy
    4:07 pm on

    power point

  27. jin kim
    3:45 pm on

    so cool design thanks

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  29. Tony
    3:48 pm on

    very nice design, thanks a lot!

  30. lola
    7:32 pm on

    esto es aburrido auxilio

  31. yamuna jampana
    10:00 am on

    For project reviews

  32. Backgrounds
    6:55 am on

    Great Design

  33. Karen
    6:36 pm on

    Invite to party.

  34. maich
    1:40 pm on

    Verygood.Thank you

  35. Jay
    4:38 pm on

    To present a social project

  36. thomas
    1:59 am on

    For my presentations

  37. Yumon
    1:34 pm on

    For university assignment

  38. Araceli Ayala
    12:28 am on

    Quiero bajar los formatos de diapositivas para dar mi clase por favor ayuda

  39. Yineth
    7:33 pm on

    No puedo descargar diapositivas en mi cel

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    8:34 am on

    B.sc project presentation

  41. Terri Kerrey
    4:39 pm on

    Toyota van presentation

  42. prakash
    3:27 am on

    For collage project

  43. Administrator
    5:58 pm on

    Hi Yineth. Please try to download it from your computer.

  44. iqbal
    7:15 am on

    very very nice, i like it

  45. mohammad Naseem
    10:54 am on

    So nice i will use this presentation for my company TELEVISION ADVERTISMENT

  46. Sujata bhojraj
    12:19 pm on

    For educational पँट

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