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IT PowerPoint

IT PowerPoint Template is a free background for PowerPoint presentations with a technological image and space for your IT presentation content. The template is free and you can use this free dark template for IT department or IT consulting presentations as well as other IT services in PowerPoint.

The IT template can also be used for computer repair presentations or similar. You can download this service IT PowerPoint templates for any PowerPoint presentation need that require a tech background for your presentations.

You can download this free IT PowerPoint template for Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 and 2010, but also for backward compatibility to be used in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and 2007.

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IT PowerPoint Template is categorized under Technology and use the following tags:

Abstract Business / Finance Dark Global Green Hi-Tech High-tech IT Network Technology

The system requirements for PowerPoint Templates are: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 with Microsoft® Windows® operating systems compatible with Windows XP, Vista®, Windows 7 or Windows 8



  1. vicho
    10:24 am on

    in an oral presentatio for a dentist journal

  2. amit
    1:45 pm on ppt

  3. syedhussin
    7:11 am on

    Conveying message and concept contraversial or supportive for comparative study in education today

  4. alex
    11:08 am on

    thanks!! you saved my life!!

  5. Nabila
    12:51 pm on

    I used it for an oral presentation about Marketing & everyone loved it!!! Thanks! ^^

  6. Viviana Leal
    3:44 pm on

    Es muy buena!!

  7. paul
    4:24 pm on


  8. Gio
    1:30 am on


  9. Brenda Pick
    12:59 pm on

    Legislative overview presentation

  10. Astral
    9:05 pm on

    Used for my Thesis presentation.

  11. Lovemore
    3:22 pm on

    used the investors presentation. I found it very useful.


  12. mary
    2:49 am on


  13. mary
    2:50 am on

    esta muy bueno exelente

  14. mariela
    2:51 am on

    goboy done

  15. kerets
    4:53 am on

    I intend using the template for presentation.

  16. Sahil goel
    8:07 am on

    for business purpose

  17. Jose Tapia
    5:47 pm on

    Very usefull, thanks for share

  18. Randy Ward
    2:38 pm on

    Every time I click on a template to download it, it takes me to another website that wants me to download something new! This is the worst power point down load site that I have ever dealt with.

  19. Administrator
    2:39 pm on

    Hi Randy. Are you clicking in the download link? What is the target link that is opening instead of our template for download?

  20. efandy
    5:47 pm on

    Excelent for Ppt

  21. George Santillan
    8:31 am on

    Good!! I will use to show the advantages of to apply Project Management best practiques for the CEO of my work 😛

  22. mahdi
    7:44 am on

    yes, that was fantastic for my subject
    Thank you … as deep as sea…

  23. parvaneh
    4:02 pm on

    Thank you

  24. alejandra
    5:39 pm on

    Qué bonitas plantillas para presentaciones de PowerPoint! Gracias.

  25. alex
    11:14 am on

    school paper

  26. kankrisd
    6:08 am on

    Very helpful to my job presentation. Thank you for your sharing.

  27. YourMuda
    10:10 pm on

    Cha man dis was werey guud for my project.

  28. bernice
    6:44 pm on

    by writing a story about my mom

  29. Rishabh Chauhan
    10:14 am on

    its awesome background for a ppt

  30. lismirabal
    2:15 pm on


    10:35 am on

    I need an atractive powerpoint templet to present my findings on challenges and opportunitie of public private partnerships for health service delivery. so which is better plz send me

  32. Elaine Diez
    2:40 pm on

    solo quiero escoger la mas creativa

  33. Isaac
    2:10 am on

    Hi , im having trouble using the template, i can only use the internal template ,it wont let me use the title one please help

  34. Juan Lezcano
    1:23 pm on

    Linda plantilla, saludos!

  35. Administrator
    12:22 am on

    Sorry, I didn’t understand what was the problem. Can please clarify? It worked very well for us.

  36. greys
    4:42 pm on

    donde esta la opcion para desacargar????????????

  37. Administrator
    8:47 pm on

    Es el enlace de descarga PPT que se ve en azul. Saludos.

  38. imi
    2:57 pm on

    I need some help in my presentation, I can’t find the right object for it PLZ help meee

  39. mara
    2:48 pm on

    School project

  40. Erika
    1:28 pm on


  41. Su
    4:42 pm on

    Need for my technical seminar

  42. Abhishek Sharma
    9:13 am on

    As educatinol

  43. Srikanth
    9:55 pm on


  44. fay
    1:41 pm on


  45. jackielyn
    10:05 pm on

    To school projects

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