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PPT is the file format originally created by Microsoft and assigned to PowerPoint Template files. This article explains briefly what PPT Template means and how teachers, business or general users can use PPT templates to create impressive PPT PowerPoint.

If you have been frustrated creating PPT presentations, you should know that FPPT info offers you a wide variety of PPT templates that you can download for free. We designed this site once we got frustrated searching for a good high quality collection of PPT files. All the collections publicity available aren’t free, and someone needed to pay some buckets to get a few good slide designs. Then we envisioned the possibility to create our own exclusive design and offer them to the entire world and the outcome of that idea was this site with Microsoft Powerpoint slide designs that you can download 100% for free for your own usage.

Usually when we started building this site we only focused on a specific topic, most related to business templates since that kind of templates were used so often for us, but lately we found that people had other needs, not only for business templates but also for lot of other subjects or topics.

That is why we started to add more and more categories to our collection of free PPT PowerPoint and aimed on that we later figure that our site started to get bigger and bigger until we were contacted by a book editor and figured that our collection of free PowerPoint templates was referenced in such book about Microsoft Office 2010 Bible. We gently granted permission to include the collection in the book in order to make possible other people who already didn’t know the site could visit us and also enjoy our collection for free.

If you are still frustrated about creating PPT PowerPoint, we’d be glad to hear from you and support you to create it. Just contact us and we will try to help. If you are looking for guidelines or presentation tips about how to build or organize a PPT PowerPoint then we’d recommend this slide.

How to use this site

It is really easy. You can start browsing the latest added PPT slides and then choose the one you like. Once the single slide PPT is opened in your browser you can see it in a bigger size, and if you really like it then you can download. Each template come with the powerpoint slide design that is exclusively designed by us and provided for free.

If not, then you can choose any other related PPT or any category at the side bar.

If you decided to download the presentation powerpoint templates then you are ready to open it and edit or customize for your own presentation.

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