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A free plot diagram PowerPoint presentation template with three acts

Free Plot Diagram PowerPoint Template with the sketch of plot followed in a novel, fiction or drama. Novel and drama writing remained a great art in history that was enjoyed by a layman to the aristocrats. Aristotle was known as a great drama writer in the past and the modern world is also following his taught chronology of events in the drama. However, Victorian novelists are also known and remembered in the field of story writing in the 19th and early 19th century.

The plot is collectively known as what happens in the story or novel and it has been divided into five components. The exposition phase introduces the situation and characters of the novel or fiction. Action rising covers the interaction of characters to progress the story towards a climax. The climax is the target of the story after which the viewers are supposed to have been rolling with the falling actions and finally the resolution or purpose of the novel is achieved.

The slide design will be suitable for the PPT presentations on the topics of novel or drama writing, educating students about the essential phases of a plot, the sequence of a common plot, and how to write a story. The template design will be helpful for the audience to understand the myth hidden inside the diagram.

This is a free plot diagram template for PowerPoint with editable fields. You can download the free template design to make wonderful eye-catching presentations by placing it in the background theme or title slide. The fields of the template design are easy to edit and customize as desired with all new versions of Microsoft PowerPoint and Office 365.

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