Why PowerPoint Template size matters

When creating a PowerPoint presentation the size obviously is a problem if we are planning to share the presentation with other people by email or any other media. However, if your company designed PowerPoint templates for future usage, keeping it with a manageable size from scratch is a musthave property.

In Lockergnome they explain us how to compress a PowerPoint file which definitely is a good idea and a good practice for any new presentation that we create.

In particular, for PowerPoint templates you can follow the same steps pointed in the article below and this will help you compressing the PowerPoint template size.

Additionally, you should be aware that one of the main reasons why your PowerPoint templates may remain big in file size could be due large images or backgrounds used in your presentation.

Also, some charts or photos that you embed in the PowerPoint template may be huge and this is another reason why your PPT files can remain big.

In order to reduce your size from scratch you can resize the original images to any reasonable size without losing image quality.

Free tools like the following image applications may help you reducing the size.

  • Gimp for image editing in Windows or Linux
  • Paint.net for Windows

Another useful technique if you want to keep your file size reduced is that instead of using images for background colors you can use just vector elements in your slide and fill them with basic color schemes available in Microsoft PowerPoint. If you need to find a good combination of color schemes to be used in your templates, you can also use free tools like kuler, which helps you finding a good collection of colors for web or design purposes.



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