5 Free Social Media Tools

Here is a list of social media tools that you can use for different purposes. If you are a presenter you may be asking why we are writing about social media tools but the truth is that presenters need to do lot of research before designing or performing a PowerPoint presentation and you don’t want your research to be obsolete, right? With these tools you can access to real time information and impress your audience with incredible results. Moreover, you can integrate most of these tools in your own presentations (by taking screenshots, running surveys, etc.) and make effective PowerPoint presentations that keep your audience stand and getting their attention.

1. TrendsMap

Is a real-time mapping application that will show you trending topics on Twitter in a map. It is useful in terms of tracking trends on a geographical sense and engaging with audiences in those locations based on the trends. It is using Google Maps and Twitter as a mashup application so you can get the trending topics and browse it interactively.

2. Klout

Klout is a service that allows you to analyze the social influence. Initially it was intended to be used for social media analytics on data taken from sites such as Twitter and Facebook but later they moved to a new concept for brands.

Your social media influence is measured by the Klout Score which is between 1 and 100. Klout claims to measure your “influence based on the ability to drive action, not potentially misleading metrics like follower or friend count”. Many of the bigger brands are using Klout to enhance their online presence. By using Perks you can access to social media influencers of a certain demographic, actively engage with those individuals as well as offering them promotional material in return for a mention of the brand to their audiences.

3. FollowerWonk

FollowerWonk allows you to run searches on Twitter and get reports about your profile and social media interaction. You can use this tool to compare Twitter engagement with your competitors and know how many followers you gained in a time frame and how many you lose. It is one of the social media automation tools that you can use as a community manager to analyze and know more about your audience or types of tweets.

4. Blekko

Blekko is a (Google Killer?) search engine that will show you results without spam. The philosophy behind Blekko is that they want to be transparent and will show you all the information they can get from a website. You can use it for research but also to get great relevant results for searches. By using the slash tags like /news you can get more relevant results for a specific need.

5. Topsy

Topsy is a real time search engine that lets you run searches and get results based on what is currently discussed in social networks.

Social media tools that helps to measure influencing score as well as other real time tools are the trending tools nowadays that you can use to innovate in your presentations even while presenting or when doing the initial research before preparing your presentation or PPT templates. The cloud computing tools are also trending topics in this matter and together are defining a new era in presentations.