The Future of Professional Development

Three times a year, Milwaukee Public Schools teachers file into schools across the district for professional development, or PD. The day begins with an hour of PowerPoint driving home something about some district initiative or another, the Comprehensive Literacy Plan, the Attendance Initiative, and so on.

The future of professional development school bus

Milwaukee Public Schools is the largest school district in Wisconsin. As of 2007, it had an enrollment of 87,360 students, and as of 2006 employed 6,100 full-time and substitute teachers in 223 schools

Then teachers file into the schools’ classrooms, where in smaller groups they get to see a different PowerPoint further driving home some aspect of the district’s initiatives. After lunch, more PowerPoint, although teachers get some freedom to choose which afternoon PowerPoint they see.

If you feel like a zombie after reading that, try sitting through it. But there’s an alternative approach, something called Edcamp. About 200 teachers, administrators, school technology coordinators, and others gather in a school’s auditorium, and after being briefed on just a few rules, they design their day. If you need Professional Development PowerPoint template or backgrounds for PPT presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint, remember to download our free development PPT templates and backgrounds.

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