The Best Camera Accessories For iPhone 6

With the introduction of iPhone 6 by Apple, a large number of camera accessories have emerged for this wonderful device allowing you to click amazing shots and have stunning photographs for you. These wonderful phone accessories will help you to take your mobile photography to the next level.

Here is a list of the best camera accessories for your iPhone 6 that can enhance the way your pictures look:

Pocket Spotlight

Pocket Spotlight is a wonderful iPhone camera accessory and a constant light source that can be attached to your Apple phone using a headphone jack, helping you to shoot efficiently and creates dramatic lighting as you can set the exposure according to your requirements.

Pocket Spotlight for iPhone 6

Buy at – Pocket Spotlight $30.00

Joby Grip Tight Gorilla Pod

Using the Joby Grip Tight Gorilla Pod, you can click most wonderful pictures for you. This can be used on uneven areas and its foldable feature allows bending of its legs around the trees or fences in order to get best shoots. Also, this tool can be used with Android and Windows Smartphones as well.

Joby GripTight Gorilla Pod

Buy at – Joby Grip Tight Gorilla Pod $15.83

Nova Phone Flash

This wireless, handy Nova Phone Flash easily fits in your wallet and can be connected with your iPhone 6 through Bluetooth. The 40 LED light feature allows you to control the brightness and colors of your pictures. You can choose among the three modes comprising of bright, warm and gentle.

Nova phone flash

Buy at – Nova Phone Flash $59.00

Spy Lens

Spy Lens is one of the most wonderful Apple phone accessories as it allows you to take photographs at an angle of 90° even if you are holding the device in texting position. You can attach this device to your iPhone using a magnetic ring and click awesome pictures for you. It is titled as The Smartphone Spy Lens: A 90° Periscoping Lens.

iPhone 6 Spy Lens

Camalapse Mobile

The Camalapse Mobile has been specially designed for those who are fond of panoramic shots. The counter clockwise panning ability of this amazing device allows you to create amazing panoramic shots in an effectual manner.

Camlapse mobile

Buy at – Camalapse Mobile $49.99

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