TakeOff: The Best Instagram Scheduling App For You

Last updated on March 14th, 2023

TakeOff is the Instagram scheduler being used by individuals and businesses to schedule posts on Instagram along with the right hashtags to get the maximum exposure. TakeOff is the one of the best Instagram scheduling apps, gaining popularity due to the following features:

  • The app offers easily understandable user interface
  • This amazing app can schedule all your posts automatically at accurate time based on the behavior of your audience
  • TakeOff recommends you the best hashtags in order to augment your post’s reach
  • It is available for free for both Android and iOS devices
TakeOff app instagram

With TakeOff, digital marketers and social media managers can schedule their posts on Instagram easily.

How to get started with TakeOff?

Sign up and start uploading pictures: You can easily sign up for this app using the Instagram account and just need to login with your existing Instagram account once in order to access your dashboard. The next step would be how to upload the posts. With the help of the settings icon at the bottom right corner of the screen, you can simply set the number of posts that you wish to upload in a particular day.

Schedule posts from your dashboard: Then, this wonderful mobile app provides you with a dashboard where you can manage Instagram accounts in an effective way. Moreover, it provides you with an amazing option to click pictures immediately or you can also add one from the library. In addition, this app schedules your posts for the best time so that they can be seen by the majority of your organic Instagram followers.

Suggestions for the best times for scheduling your posts: This wonderful app notifies you the best time to post the picture. For posting the picture, you just need to launch the dashboard, click on the image and post it on Instagram to make it live.

Reach a wide circle of users across Instagram: When you select a picture to schedule, this app enables you to add description to the image as well. Based on the description, it recommends you a number of hashtags to append to the post making them reach far beyond your Instagram network.

This Instagram scheduling app is the perfect tool for community managers and social media marketers who need a compelling solution to post their photos on Instagram and social media.

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