PowerPoint 2016

Sheet Music Design PowerPoint Template


If you are a musician or an audiophile, a music teacher or a student, you may find yourself in need of making music-themed presentations. In cases like these, you would need to create a presentation theme that is eye-catching. The problem is, you may not have the visual creativity, expertise, or the time to make a …

Circle Picture Organizational Chart PowerPoint Template


When it comes to any organization, there should always be a clear hierarchy. This allows all members to have defined roles and responsibilities so that there is no overlap of work and authority. Moreover, organizational charts are also important so that other members of the organization, and even outsiders, can be aware of the chain …

Animated Push Design Template For PowerPoint

Sometimes the best thing you can do as a presenter is not to opt for fancy slide designs but rather to look for something subtle and minimalist. At the same time you would want your content to stand out and be noticed; which might require adding a few transitions and animations. The Animated Push Design …

Warm Christmas Wishes PowerPoint Template

Christmas is around the corner and like every year, there is a dire need for some presenters to step in and make some presentations for academic or official purposes; just before they can leave for their Christmas holidays. Warm Christmas Wishes PowerPoint Template is just the kind of template which can help presenters make Christmas …

Chilly Market PowerPoint Template


Blue is a relaxing, calming, cool color. That’s why many use this color in their PowerPoint presentations. This attracts the attention of the audience while still making the whole slides look pleasing to the eyes, even if they may be overloaded with all kinds of information.

Snowflakes Christmas PowerPoint Template


As the holiday season draws near, you would need a PowerPoint presentation template that conveys the spirit of the season. This template is something that can be used for different purposes in the Christmas and holiday season, so you would not have to create one from scratch, especially when you are busy with your own …

Beautiful Ocean PowerPoint Template


The ocean inspires calmness, serenity, and relaxation. That’s why many people gravitate towards the ocean to de-stress and find tranquility. So if you want to create presentations that will pleasantly draw your audience’s attention, you can use this following presentation template.

Dad’s Tie PowerPoint Template


Ties come in different patterns and colors. Often, ties represent a man’s personality, even if he is wearing something as generic as a corporate suit. It also adds a splash of color to any outfit, and with the right ensemble, any woman can sport a tie too.

Free Multimedia Choreography PowerPoint Template


Sitting through a presentation filled with only blocks of text can be awfully boring. As always, your audience are looking for variety and something that will excite them. When you have their attention, there’s a greater chance that you will be able to more effectively convey your message and your audience in turn can better …

Student Scientific Report PowerPoint Template

For science whizzes or students who just want to excel in their Science class, you know that you need to create presentations that will impress your professors. For this, a presentation that is science-inspired or science-themed is a must.

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