Conduct Corporate Video Conferences With Lync App For iPhone And iPad

Microsoft Lync is a famous application from the Microsoft Office suite which provides some very impressive video conferencing features. Interestingly, Microsoft Lync is not just restricted to Microsoft products like Windows based operating systems, Windows 8 tablets or Windows Phone, but is also available for competitor devices; including Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad. Unlike common …

Turnitin: Prevent Plagiarism, Grade Papers And Add Voice Comments

Turnitin is a famous plagiarism prevention tool for teachers, which offers LMS (Learning Management System) integration and also has an app for iPad. Unlike common plagiarism checking services, Turnitin not only enables checking documents to prevent plagiarism but also provides teachers the utility to grade papers (including offline grading) and include feedback right from an …

10 Best Apps That Bring PowerPoint On iPad

PowerPoint being one of the most famous presentation applications in the world has lacked support for mobile devices, until now. In recent years we have not only seen a rise in quality mobile apps that provide editing and viewing support for PowerPoint files but even Microsoft has now officially released mobile and web apps that …

Breaking Through Walls Animated PowerPoint Template

In most presentations one may require elaborating upon topics related to obstacles and their possible solutions. These obstacles are symbolic for walls which need to be broken to proceed to the next level. Breaking Through Walls PowerPoint Template is an animated template for PowerPoint that provides editable slides that depict this idea.

Animated Flames PowerPoint Template And Clipart

One of the exceptional ways of presenting a presentation is to use an image or animation which may resonate with the topic. For presentations about weather, chemistry, cut throat competition and a troublesome business quarter the animation of heat may be quite appropriate.

SlideShark Brings PowerPoint On iPad, iPhone And iPod Touch

While PowerPoint has been available for Mac, there has been a long standing user demand for acquiring it on other Apple devices like iPhone and iPad. Even before Microsoft released Office Mobile for iOS, there has been an app called SlideShark, which has allowed users to make good use of their PowerPoint presentations on iOS …

How To Make A Free Study Guide Using A Study Guide Maker

Studying for the finals, that quiz, or that big life-changing exam? It can be pretty stressful and nerve-wrecking. You may go through many sleep-deprived nights of poring over books. And then wonder, by the next day, how come you don’t seem to retain all the information that you’ve worked so hard to study.

Maze PowerPoint Template With Video And Animated Arrow

Problem solving is often like going through a maze where one may require crossing through various paths to find the way out among a series of interconnected ways; all of which don’t lead to the right direction. Demonstrating such a dilemma in the form of a presentation can be quite effective and can help get …

Animated Rising Arrows PowerPoint Template

Rising arrows are a good presentation theme for depicting different types of ideas related to success, business growth, progress, self improvement, etc. The Rising Arrows PowerPoint Template is an animated template that can help you create presentations on such topics.

JustCloud: Unlimited Cloud Backup With Bank Grade Security

Chances are you have used at least one cloud storage service to backup your files online. It is also quite likely that the service you used was either Dropbox, SugarSync, SkyDrive, Google Drive or Box. While these services offer the required features to fulfill basic backup needs, there are many question marks and strings that …