Bad News

One of the inevitable things a presenter might have to face is to explain the negative aspects of a topic. Sometimes these negative aspects might be in the form of a bad news.

It isn’t easy to announce a bad news like job cuts, bad quarterly performance or declining profits. This is why we have compiled tips and templates to help you deal with presenting slides with bad news.

Spectre and Meltdown Explained in a PowerPoint Presentation


One of the most dangerous exploits to come to light in recent years has been the Meltdown and Spectre exploit. This exploit points towards the vulnerabilities in processors, in particular most Intel processors since 1995. Other processors affected by the exploit include; AMD and ARM. Recently, Spectre and Meltdown was explained in a PowerPoint presentation …

Presentation Of Bad News PowerPoint Template

Deliver Bad News to Your Company in a Professional Manner

Presentations can be about a lot of things. It can be a report of how the company has done over the year. It can show the figures that the company has worked for, and if they have reached their business and financial goals. However, there may be unfortunate times that will occur to a company …