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What’s New in PowerPoint 15.19 for Mac

A new upgrade for PowerPoint 2016 is available on Mac (Microsoft PowerPoint 15.19) and it comes with some new features. Two of the new features in version 15.19 includes: Morph Transition. Customization of Quick Access Toolbar. The morph transition is a very powerful transition tool that can help you to make nice presentations with awesome effects or create new …

Free Spotlight Text PowerPoint Template


First impressions last. This is also true for presentations. Presentations are notorious for being boring, and many people dread to watch presentations because of this. So if you have been assigned the task to present to an audience, the challenge lies in making it captivating from the get-go. This means your presentation must be exciting and …

Animated Funnel Diagrams PowerPoint Template

Funnel Diagrams are important for depicting sales related information such as the stages in a sales process. The Animated Funnel Diagrams PowerPoint Template provides a set of various animated PowerPoint slides with innovative layouts which you can customize for making funnel diagrams.

Animated PowerPoint Template With Transparent Shapes Over Picture

Change the Formatting to Customize to Your Own Brand or Personality

If you want to showcase a landscape, photograph or work of art, then you would not need many animations or images to distract the audience from what you have to show. However, you can still create animations that would make your presentations remain interesting, exciting, and even unexpected. 

Animated PowerPoint Template With Sparkling Picture Effect

Subtle Sparkling Effect for Your Presentations

If you are looking for simple animations that would catch the attention of your audience, then you may find this Animated PowerPoint Template very useful. This Animated PowerPoint Template with Sparkling Picture Effect is a beautifully designed template that allows you to showcase your photo.

Challenges And Hurdles PowerPoint Graphics For Presentations

Overcoming challenges and hurdles is a major part of all business ventures and being a business professional you might have to translate this in a presentation. While you can use various Business PowerPoint Templates to show your point of view, sometimes something outside the box works just as good. If you are looking for some …

Create Custom Smartphone Clipart For PowerPoint With Swipe Effect

While you can download clipart from within PowerPoint and the Microsoft website, it is often suitable only for a small amount of area on your slide and lacks eye-catching imagery. Presenter Media is a website which offers a wide variety of Animated Clipart and templates for PowerPoint and Keynote. If you wish to create custom …

Free Animated PowerPoint Template With Overlapping Transparent Text


In any presentation, your aim is not only to convey information or data but, first and foremost, to grab the attention of your audience in order for them to listen to and absorb what you have to say. Animations lend life to any presentation. They capture the attention of the audience who will otherwise be …

Free Simple Animated PowerPoint Template With Photo And Orange Color


The Free Simple Animated PowerPoint Template with Photo and Orange color is one of the many free PowerPoint Presentation Templates available online. This particular template provides an easy, more convenient way of improving any presentation and making it more attractive for your audience.

Free Animated Gray PowerPoint Template With Moving Numbers


We have tackled many free animated templates for PowerPoint that you can use to liven up any of your presentations. You can create your own animations but having readily available templates cuts off the time you spend on creating your presentation so you can focus on other, more important things. These animated templates can be …