Tackling The Q&A: An Integral Part Of Speeches

One of the most amazing endings to a speech is a successful Q&A round. This isn’t too hard when it comes to the answers but only if you have done your homework well enough! There are a few things that one needs to do while answering questions that will help him make the presentation come to an end smoothly!

q and a session

State The Rules

Make sure to state the rules right before you start with the Q&A round. Tell your audience how you would want the round to proceed and that everyone will be given a chance to avoid chaos. Tell them the duration of the round and whether or not they can ask you more than one question.


Handling the Q&A is the most integral part of the whole speech and making sure to make it the most exciting and leave your audience satisfied is your job. Therefore, do your homework and make the round worthwhile for your audience by answering questions in a proper fashion.

Maintain Control

You are going to have to keep control of yourself as well as the maintain control over the audience and the atmosphere. Many a times the people sitting in the audience will ask you similar questions or ask you irrelevant questions, keep your cool and answer them without making a face or saying that you have already answered the question.

Admit You Don’t Know

There is no shame in admitting that you don’t know something. If there is a question from the audience that is something that you are in doubt of or you don’t know admit it, and then ask for the person’s name and contact details and tell him that you will let him know. Make sure you do get back to him with a relevant answer!

Don’t End With a Question

There are times when you want to do something for effect! In the Q&A there is no need for an effect and therefore you must never, finish answering a question incomplete or something that ends on a question itself. This gives a very unprofessional feeling and no one wants to ruin a perfectly crafted presentation on a badly done Q&A.

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