Stacked List Process Diagram Template For PowerPoint 2013

When you are creating presentations, it is best to create a big and lasting impact with less slides as you can. This means you have to make each slide highly visual and informative, each telling a story that would otherwise be a few pages of text. This would ensure that your audience will be fully engaged throughout your whole presentation. After all, people have a better chance of remembering what you say through visual cues.

Thus, if you are creating presentations involving a rather complicated process, you can use many list process diagram templates using SmartArt and other objects for PowerPoint. The Stacked List Process Diagram Template for PowerPoint 2013 can be used to show a process where each step contains many phases that would require a lot of time to explain.

Standard and Elegant Design for Any Business Process for Any Industry

This Stacked List Process Diagram Template for PowerPoint makes it easy for you to create visual representations of the phases involving various steps in the process. This template is a four-step process diagram that can be used for many types of activities, in any business or organization. Because of its simple and standard design, the template can also be used for school, non-profit organizations, membership, and many other topics.

Detailed SmartArt to Show Processes Using Diagrams

The template features a dark purple background with subtle geometric shapes to give it texture and add interest. The background is dark and unassuming enough to really make your stacked list process diagram stand out. In the same purple theme, the SmartArt diagram contains boxes and circles in varying purple shades.

The stacked boxes each make up an item or a phase in each step of the process. Depending on the process step, you can add or subtract as many boxes as you can to represent items in the list. The circles indicate the step number and you can add or subtract steps depending on the process that you are discussing.

Easily Customize for Your Own Existing Presentation Design

The stacked list SmartArt can also serve as a set of descriptive text boxes so you can type brief descriptions under each step.

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