SkyCommerce: The Complete E-Commerce Solution To Sell Your Software

Businesses dealing in e-commerce solutions no longer have to build entire customer management modules from scratch as cloud based services can help them integrate a wide range of handy features into their daily sales process. SkyCommerce Suite is a set of e-commerce products and services that provides businesses with the opportunity to sell their software, manage customers and affiliate programs. It comes with an integrated set of managed services that allow organizations to monetize their products, provide trials, freemiums and subscription based services, as well as implement sales programs without building and maintaining entire sales modules on their own.

All-in-One Solution For Selling Software Online

The Sky Commerce suite has been designed to deliver an all-in-one e-Commerce service that can allow businesses to conveniently sell software, regardless of the channel or model they are pursuing. Whether you require running a B2C (Business to Customer) e-Store, an Affiliate channel or need to sell B2B (Business to Business), SkyCommerce can help you make the most out of your business. SkyCommerce is perfect not just for selling your own software but also OEMs, third-party software via affiliate programs (e.g. MS Office suite or alternative software for standalone applications like MS PowerPoint) and web service packages.


Setup And Manage Your Online Store With Sky e-Commerce

With its rich administration interface you can easily set-up an online store or affiliate network using the Sky e-Commerce Control Panel. It provides intuitive channel Dashboards, smart graphics, Ajax-based reports and multi-user access.

E-Store Management

Using the multi-account management feature of Sky e-Commerce, you can administer all business accounts with a single login from a central Control Panel. This can help IT professionals and managers to configure multiple stores.

Manage Users

Increase Sales And Customer Visibility With Sky Channel Manager

Using the Sky Channel Manager users can manage their entire customer life-cycle across a network of channels and process anything from orders to renewals or upgrades for end users. The major purpose of Sky Channel manager is to help you manage pricing configuration for your products and to create price lists, including prices for new and renewal purchases, discounts, etc. Furthermore, you can use the partner web portals to share marketing content with your partners to increase sales.

Sky Channel Manager

To get started with SkyCommerece and to request a free demo that is tailored for your business, refer to the link given below.

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