SAS Business Analytics and PowerPoint

SAS Business Analytics and PowerPoint. SAS Office Analytics enables organizations that have invested deeply in Microsoft Office products suite including PowerPoint, Excel and Word to obtain consistent views of data, automate report generation and add analytical insights while keeping information consumers within their interface comfort zone.

BI via familiar Microsoft Office interfaces like email, PowerPoint, and Excel is one way to deliver self-service, pervasive business intelligence. SAS Office Analytics does precisely that

said Cindi Howson, founder of BI Scorecard.

That SAS has made this product more accessible to large and small enterprises alike, without having to buy the full BI platform, is good news for customers

Here we can see an example in Microsoft Office PowerPoint and Excel.

SAS Business Analytics PowerPoint

SAS Business Analytics and Excel


What are the benefits for an organization by using SAS Business Analytics?

  • Usign SAS Analytics you can make consistent data from multiple sources easily available for your employees.
  • Provides business users with self-sufficient access to powerful SAS Analytics from within Microsoft Office including PowerPoint with an addin.
  • Helps satisfy corporate and governmental compliance regulations.

Features included in SAS Business Analytics are:

  • Data access and management for your organization and employees
  • Powerful SAS® Analytics to get analytical insights from your documents
  • Graphics, chart and reporting for better presentations and summarized information
  • Guided analysis and model development for power users
  • Business metadata management for IT department

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