Sanyo PLV-Z3000: Projector and presentation Device

Sanyo PLV-Z3000 is a high definition projector with accurate color decoding and solid connectivity. One of the good points of this Sanyo projector is that it is well-rounded feature package with horizontal and vertical lens shift. It is a great projector for the price.

You can get this Sanyo projector these days with a decent 1080 p front projector for cheaper than most 60-inch LCD TV.

Sanyo PLV-Z3000 1080p resolution projector has has a nice feature package for fine-tuning picture quality, very good connectivity options and is quite inexpensive for the quality/price ratio.

This Sanyo projector for PowerPoint presentations comes with a great warranty (3 yrs) and easy setup. The output image is very sharp and bright enough for most screens smaller than 100 inches. The projector comes with frame interpolation technology.

One of the cons is that the color accuracy could be better.