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When using images for PowerPoint presentations, blog posts and other projects, one may require removing their background so that they may blend in with the colors of your presentation slide, blog or canvas.  However, removing a background image isn’t easy and being a PRO at PhotoShop is not possible for everyone. While you can also remove background of images using PowerPoint, however, this technique does not always yield fruitful results. Clipping Magic is a free web app for quickly and easily removing image backgrounds.

Update 2014-07: Unfortunately this tool is no longer free. If you need to use Clipping Magic you need to pay.

Select Image To Remove Background

Unlike PhotoShop or Microsoft Paint, this web app provides two easy to use selection tools to help you mark the areas which you wish to retain and remove. To remove an image background, go to Clipping Magic and select and image. You can also drag images to the Clipping Magic interface.

Easily Remove Image Backgrounds Online

When  an image is uploaded, you are provided with some basic instructions regarding this use of Clipping Magic tools.


Select Areas To Remove And Retain

What you basically require keeping in mind is that the Green (Foreground brush) should be used to mark the area that you wish to retain and the Red (Background Brush) should be used to mark the area you wish to remove. You can see the preview for the new image on the right side. For the purpose of this post, we will use the stop sign for PowerPoint image, which is also available as a PowerPoint Template at FPPT.

Remove Background

Refine Edges Using Eraser

While this is not compulsory, I will personally recommend using the Erase markings tool (click the Blue Rubber icon), to refine the edges. This tool basically unmarks the area in case you make a mistake. When you remove the background, it is likely that you may end up marking some areas, which may make the remaining image looking jagged. Therefore, by using this tool, you can avoid losing any important area.


Download Final Result

Once you are satisfied with the result, you can click Download to save the image as a PNG. The below screenshot shows the final result for the stop sign for PowerPoint image. As you can see from the below image, the background has been completely removed in a clean manner. You can also keep the background of a different color (e.g. Green) instead of transparent, by selecting a different background color before downloading the image.

Background Removed

To begin removing image backgrounds like a PRO, head over to Clipping Magic.

Go to Clipping Magic

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