PowerPoint Presenter View in PowerPoint 2013

Presenter View is one of the views available in Microsoft PowerPoint to allow you to see notes in a different monitor while the slideshow is playing. The audience will always see the slides maximized in the big projector but you can use the Presenter View to check the slideshow progress, read the notes and control the presentation.

Presenter View PowerPoint 2013

Before Office 2013, it was difficult to figure out who saw what on which monitor, however the improved Presenter View in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 fixes that headache and makes it simpler to work with.

  • If you need to zoom a PowerPoint slide during the presentation then you can use Presenter View and click on the magnify tool. This is great if you need to highlight an area of your presentation or zoom in or out charts and diagrams to empathize a concept.
  • You can also go back and forth using the presentation control available in Presenter View or jump to any desired slide using the Slide Navigator.
  • You can automatically setup PowerPoint to sense your computer and choose the right monitor to be used for Presenter View.
  • You can annotate your slides during the slide show using the pen tool.

In conclusion, the PowerPoint Presenter View is a potential tool that supports you during a presentation. It is great to use Presenter View to deliver your presentations in the new PowerPoint 2010.

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