PowerPoint For Mac 2011 Essential Training Course

In previous posts we have reviewed a number of online training courses by Lynda.com, including the PowerPoint 2010 Essential Training Course, PowerPoint Shortcuts Training, PowerPoint Tips And Tricks For Business Presentations and the PowerPoint Audio And Video in-Depth training course. If you are a Mac user and wish to learn some fine tips for making robust presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint 2011, then PowerPoint for Mac 2011 Essential Training Course is just what you need.

PowerPoint for Mac 2011 Essential Training Course

The PowerPoint for Mac 2011 Essential Training Course provides instructions for using custom themes, formatting text, inserting charts, tables, pictures SmartArt drawings, and animations, as well as tips regarding how to deliver an effective presentation to your audience. Like all Lynda courses, subscribed members can also download and work with exercise files used by the trainer in the training videos of this course.

PowerPoint for Mac 2011 Essential Training Course


This course is presented by David Rivers, who demonstrates how to create effective presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint 2011. The topics of this course include; the exploration of the presentation gallery, instructions about adding, arranging and removing slides, using templates, text formatting tips, how to work with multimedia files, tables and charts in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac, presentation sharing features of PowerPoint and some bright ideas to help you better work with transitions, animations and slide objects. To make it short, the PowerPoint for Mac 2011 Essential Training Course is ideal for novice, intermediate and even advanced PowerPoint users to better understand PowerPoint options, learn new tricks and polish their presentation skills. The introduction section of this training course starts off with details about the topics that will be covered in the training course and some basic details about what PowerPoint is.


Navigating The User Interface

The course starts off with basic details about how to use the various features of Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 in Mac. This chapter is mainly for beginners however, even advanced users might learn a trick or two when going through the four videos in this chapter which deal with topics like exploring the presentation gallery, understanding the Ribbon UI, navigating presentations and customizing the user interface layout.

Getting Started

Chapter 2 picks off from the introductory chapter 1 and shows users how to create presentations, manage slides, check compatibility with other devices and save presentations.

Customizing The PowerPoint UI

Formatting A Presentation

Formatting presentations can be a headache even for experienced PowerPoint users as the slightest of change in a slide can lead to a major disruption for the slide objects. Chapter 3 teaches Mac users how to use and create themes, change slide background, design templates, work with slide layouts and masters, as well as instructions about how to use headers and footers in your presentation.

Working With Text

Chapter 4 is all about teaching end users tips and tricks for properly formatting their text. Any presentation which does not have properly formatted text can appear quite unattractive and unprofessional. This is why one must deal with issues like text box formatting, managing spacing, indents, bullets, numbering, etc. The “Working With Text” chapter shows you how to properly format text to give it a neat and professional look.

PowerPoint for Mac 2011 Formatting Text

Working With Tables And Charts

Any Mac user who requires using tables and charts in his/her presentations should see the five training videos of this chapter to better understand the application of tables and charts in Microsoft PowerPoint. Chapter 5 provides valuable information regarding how to add, edit and format tables for your slides, pasting tables from Microsoft Excel and inserting charts to your presentations.

Working With Pictures And Multimedia

This chapter deals with inserting pictures, clipart, SmartArt and Drawings. Furthermore, the chapter explains how to add videos to slides and add sound to presentations.

Animating Your Presentations

Animations can always have a positive impact on your audience, provided you know how to use them appropriately. Chapter 7 provides tips for adding animations to templates, animating objects and using slide transition effects.

Animating Your Presentations

Proofing Your Content

The last thing anyone wants is to display presentation slides with spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Luckily, PowerPoint can help you avoid such mistakes and chapter 8 shows you how to use the built-in features of Microsoft PowerPoint to avoid such errors.

Showing Your Presentations

Coming to the part where one requires presenting a presentation to the audience, chapter 9 shows you how to use speaker notes, pointer options, self-running slideshows, action buttons and other handy features of MS PowerPoint to deliver an effective presentation.

Showing Your Presentations

Sharing Your Presentations

PowerPoint provides a plethora of sharing options to share your presentations. Chapter 10 shows you how to print notes, handouts or slides, use comments, convert presentations to image, PDF and video format, as well as details about other ways by which you can share a presentation.

Customizing Your Work Environment

The last chapter of this training course shows users how to change PowerPoint preferences and customize the Ribbon UI. This is followed by a Goodbye video.

Customizing Your Work Environment

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