OneNote 2013 Templates Make Note Taking Easier Across Windows, iOS And Android

Despite great applications like Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel in the MS Office suite, surprisingly the only application that seems truly optimized for use on mobile devices is Microsoft OneNote. This is because it is not only compatible with Windows and Mac computers but can also be used on iOS and Android devices. Previously, we brought you an overview of the New Features Of Microsoft OneNote 2013, this time we will discuss the utility of free Microsoft Templates for OneNote 2013.

Microsoft OneNote Note 2013

Why Use Microsoft Templates for OneNote 2013?

While OneNote comes with various built-in templates that can get the job done for you, it is sometimes better to use templates that are tailor made for specific purposes. For example, let’s say you require taking notes for a group project, in such a case you can use the “Shared notebook for a group project Template” by Microsoft to make your notes more organized (available at Microsoft provides dozens of templates that are appropriate for students, business professionals, lawyers, wedding planners and the like. You can download these templates from the link given at the end of this post. These templates can be sorted according to OneNote version (e.g. version 2007. 2010, etc) and you can also search for templates by category.

Microsoft Templates for OneNote 2013

How To Use Built-in OneNote 2013 Templates

You can use the built-in OneNote 2013 templates from the Inert tab and select a relevant templates from the Templates section from the right sidebar in OneNote 2013. From here you can select pages based on templates related to categories like Academic, Business, Decorative, Planners, etc. You can even pick a Blank template to start from scratch. The below image shows the Templates pane and a sample template.

select a Template

Using Downloaded Microsoft Templates for OneNote 2013

When you go to the OneNote Templates section on, you might be surprised to see that One Note 2013 has no templates. This however does not mean that there are no usable Microsoft Templates for OneNote 2013 as you can head over to the OneNote 2010 templates and download them for use with OneNote 2013. Before you can use a downloaded template with OneNote 2013, you will have to Extract and save it on your computer.

Extract OneNote Template

Once the template has been extracted, simply double click on the extracted file to launch and use it.

Extracted Template

One Note Templates are no longer available at, you can download free templates for OneNote via an alternative third-party website (see link given below).

Go to Download OneNote Templates

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