LiveSurface: Photoshop Template Library Of Customizable Layered Images

Creating realistic looking presentations of ideas can be hard. One may resort to real life models, Photoshop and mockups to create such designs, however, the process can be extremely time consuming and laborious. LiveSurface is a website that offers industry standard library of images that have been professionally photographed and retouched to produce high resolution, layered, images with 3D surfaces. Such images can significantly shorten the required time for creating realistic, elaborate and contextual designs.


Photoshop Template Library Of Customizable, Layered Images With Embedded 3D Surfaces

LiveSurface is a brainchild of Joshua Distler and was launched with a much smaller image library than it is today. In case you are wondering what might be the difference between conventional stock image websites and LiveSurface, it is worth mentioning here that LiveSurface offers better images with a Photoshop template library that can be utilized to add your own designs to a variety of surfaces, be it a billboard, box or t-shirt or even a PowerPoint presentation. For example, you may present your designs in the form of slides, where you can add a customized, retouched image to present your design, ideas and mockups.

Photoshop Template Library Of Customizable, Layered Images

With the help of Photoshop’s Vanishing Point filter, you can add your flat artwork to transform it to the 3D space. Moreover, the lighting, masks and shadows come pre-defined which can further assist you in making complex designs more conveniently.


Cost Effective Solution For Making Your Designs

Image templates at LiveSurface cost just $29 and you can also save some cash if you buy multiples or a set. Unlike conventional stock images downloaded from premium websites, the templates at LiveSurface can be easily customized, without the need for elaborate retouching, which can save you a lot of time and also a lot of money, especially if you usually require hiring professional help for retouching stock images. The customizable nature of LiveSurface images means that you can customize and change everything from the background, size and shading of objects and even convert the images to greyscale or mix and mash colors. LiveSurface images

To find out more about LiveSurface images see their FAQs.

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