Life Hacks For Small Business Owners

For the entrepreneur, a small business requires an exceptional amount of work to get it off the ground and keep it running smoothly. Many successful entrepreneurs have learned and developed tricks to boost their productivity. Below are some so-called ‘hacks’ that any big or small business owner can use to kick their productivity into gear.

Break Down Tasks into Small Projects or Processes

You can get a lot more done when you know which to prioritize and if you are a small or startup company, you would want to focus on high-level decision making. So take each task and categorize it into a project or process, and delegate, automate, or outsource as many processes as possible. For example, answering emails is a constant process that can be easily handed off to your assistant so you have more time for growing your brand. You can hire assistants by the hour using services such as FancyHands.

Fancy Hands

Skip The Gym and Make Exercise Part of Your Daily Routine

Find a time of day where you can squeeze in a little exercise and make it part of your day. This could save you more time than going to and from the gym. You can do sit ups and push ups in your office when you’re in a call or if you have extra time on your hands before going to a meeting. You can also incorporate fitness into your busy days by walking to your office. For example, park or get off a few blocks from your office and walk the rest of the way to work. You can use apps like Fitbit so you can log in your exercise.


 Keep Meetings as Short as Possible

Meetings tend to be counterproductive and time consuming. However, there are times when they are necessary for your business. In times like these, make sure that you have a clear meeting agenda to make the most of your time. Organize your ideas into lists and assign how long each item in the agenda should be discussed. If you can stick to your agenda, this could cut your meeting time in half and you and your colleagues, partners, employees, clients or suppliers are all back to work in no time.

Create a Detailed Meeting Agenda in a Snap

Have a Breather or Take a Nap

Taking a few minutes to an hour away from work helps you recollect and re-energize yourself, therefore actually increasing productivity. Every day, allow yourself a half hour each day to leave the office and get some fresh air. You can use this time to either clear your mind or get exercise squeezed into your schedule. You can also use this time to take power naps, which studies show can increase alertness and improve performance.

take a nap

Find The Golden Window for Your Most Productive Work

Many business owners can tell you that they have most of their work done in the quiet of their homes, when everyone else is asleep. Try waking up earlier than your usual schedule and find yourself having so much more work done. If you have more time the night before, you can also squeeze in two to four hours of work before getting to bed. This way you can sleep better knowing that you have your tasks and other deliverables done and you have less tasks to worry about the following day. Use these “magical times” to get your hardest work done but remember to ensure you have enough sleep.

productive hour

Create a List of Your Tasks and To-Dos

Many entrepreneurs will swear by the effectivity of breaking down your tasks into lists and ticking them off as you go along. Not only will it be motivating for you to track how much you have accomplished within the day, it will also keep you focused on the things that you should be doing. Apps like Evernote  can help you create to-do lists for each day and make plans for the rest of the week and the month. You can also use the Mailbox app to set aside emails that are relevant to the tasks you must accomplish.

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