Introducing Yourself in a PowerPoint Presentation

When experimenting and looking for new ways to introduce yourself in a PowerPoint Presentation, you will realize there are limited scopes and the audience very hard to please. You will run out of ideas very soon. It is indeed very critical to make an impactful introductory speech, so that your listeners remember you, for what you were and how impressive your demonstration had been.

Remember at the end of the day, your goal is to create maximum call for action and the competition is cut-throat.

Let’s take a glance at a few tips that make for a memorable introductory speech:

Overcome the barriers of the conventional approach

Do not follow the same lines, where one introduces self as, ‘Hi! I am Tom.’ “Can you be a little innovative?” will ring in your listener’s mind immediately and he will fall off to sleep.

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The audience today is very fickle-minded, they like something that shocks and shakes them hard enough to get and become attentive.

Therefore, you can apply the trick of making the usual acquaintance advancement at a somewhat later stage. Just try to make them so surprised that the desire arouses in them, to know who you are.

Convince the audience, how are you unique

They should get that feeling. They must find you innovative and different.

Now the question arises, how will you do it?

  1. Your articulation capability
  2. Distinctiveness in your style
  3. Your compatibility with the mindset of the audience

Make your listeners feel special

Your audience should feel that you recognize with them. You are one of them and you are here to introduce them to something special and worthy.

This is a difficult task because crowd these days are very critical and to take them into your confidence, you have to assure them that your only target is to avail the best for them.

Use the presentation as a support, do not depend on it

The demonstration is there only to aid you in the flow of your marketing strategy. It is just a medium; the presenter is the one who is channelizing the whole structure. So keep the reins in your hand.

Apart from the above mentioned requirements, there are certain other guidelines that you should keep in mind, when going for stunning presentations.

  1. The pitch you speak in, should be toned
  2. Your body language, hand and eye gestures specially
  3. Stay confident enough, to take the listeners into your confidence

If you are able to understand and blend the above stated criteria into the introduction of your presentation, it will certainly prove helpful in the long run.

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