How To Use Facebook To Generate Leads

Social Media is nowadays playing a vital role in effective marketing. Social Media seems to be the best source to generate leads and engage with the clients. But how to use Facebook to generate leads?

5 Amazing Ways To Use Facebook To Generate Leads

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are earning popularity because they are free and therefore a great way to stay connected. If you are a company and want to generate leads by taking advantage of Facebook then you must educate yourself and your team, (e.g. with the help of a PowerPoint presentation) by gathering relevant information and tips. Below is a list of 5 methods that can help you generate leads using Facebook.

How To Use Facebook To Generate Leads

1. Share website links to Facebook wall

You can use the website content that you are using to generate leads and share the same link to the content on your Facebook wall. And this works well, if the visitors can go directly to your website with having a lead generating form. There’s also another alternate, if you have a blog on your website, you can also share those links, however make sure that your blog has a call to action (hyperlink that helps visitors to go directly to visit the main page of the website), with a form that can help visitors to be converted into leads.

2. Call to action

Although, Facebook doesn’t let you add a Call-to-action function onto the (sidebar) of your main profile/page but there is a possibility that by using iFrames, you can still add a custom tab. This function helps visitors to visit your website and become a lead. You can use call to action in your main page content to start generating leads.

3. Expand your reach amongst people

It is important to reach out to people, if you think of marketing your services through social media then makes sure that people are following you. It is seen that if you have people who like your company’s page, the leads are generated automatically. With the increasing number of your fans, your leads will increase. Make it easy for your visitors to become your fan by customizing ‘Follow me button”.

4. Add share buttons to content and Facebook Like plug-in

Add the Facebook Like Button plug-in and social media sharing options to your website, especially the Facebook share and like buttons. This can help you get more leads/sales.

5. Make it easy for visitors to access the conversion form

As you might know, ‘HubSpot’ has released the “Welcome application for Facebook”. This app provides an easy conversion form,  after a user clicks “Like”. Make the conversion form as easy as you can.

Thus, you can take all the benefits from Facebook and other social networking websites to get connected to people and to generate leads.

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