How To Prevent Wrong Facebook Posts From Going Live To Avoid Embarrassment

Facebook is one of the most common thing in every individual’s life, especially these days. This social networking website is amongst the most popular things to do and incorporates a plethora of activities in it such as posting current status on walls, uploading photos in the gallery, chatting with friends, posting Check-In points and a lot more.

Although there are plenty of activities to perform here in Facebook but posting status is the most common thing that every user carries out. And, at some point of time in our lives we end up posting things that are not meant to be shared with anybody else and thus end up in an embarrassing moment. Sometimes, after clicking on the ‘Post’ button we wish if there must be some way to avoid a particular Facebook post from going live to prevent embarrassment.

Undo Facebook posts

Avoid Posting Wrong Posts Using Chrome Extension

The same thing happens at times with tweets, text messages and emails too and we regret afterwards and we wonder if there were a few services to prevent such things to happen. So, let us check it out here on how such embarrassments by wrong Facebook posts can be prevented and the users need not to repent.

Several services have introduced these days proficient ways to take a post back or to re-think the decision of posting. The same feature can be availed in Gmail efficiently. The service offers a feature that waits for almost a minute prior you send the email even if you have already hit the ‘Send’ button. Similarly, Facebook has also taken up such initiatives with the ‘Undo’ button but if you want a longer delay time, you can try Facebook Undo extension.

Facebook Undo for Google Chrome

Five Second Countdown Before the Post Goes Live

Facebook Undo offers the same feature that Gmail does. This feature becomes available using an extension of Chrome, which keeps on functioning in the background and caters with around a five second countdown so that the user can reconsider posting the update even if the ‘Post’ button has been hit. Facebook UI is modified with Facebook Undo after clicking Post button. Installation of this extension is really simple and hassle free.

Facebook Undo extension for Chrome with 5 seconds delay

Facebook Undo Video Demo

So, what are you waiting for? If you also want to avoid getting into those embarrassing situations then get this extension installed and abort posting of wrong Facebook posts.

Go to Install Facebook Undo for Chrome

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